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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  August 8, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> thanks for watching today. "studio b" with shepard smith starts right now. >> what do you mean you don't know what laughing gas does. >> how do you hear that? >> you're a studio away and i have this thing in my ear. laughing gas makes you laugh. >> i should be quieter about that. >> why, who is taking it? >> my eight-year-old daughter has to have teeth pulled. thank you for asking. >> she gets the laughing gas. she's going to want it every day. it's the best part of the dentist, that and the sucker. >> i will report back to you tomorrow after it happens. i. >> you do that. thank you. see you later. news begins anew on "studio b." police in two states say there have been upon sightings of this suspect, accused of kidnapping a 16-year-old girl after killing her mother and possibly her little brother. and now word've what could be a
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motive. plus, anger in the courtroom during the trial of the suspected fort hood shooter. military attorney working on behalf of army major nidal hasan lashes out at the judge. what caused this disorder in the court? check your powerball numbers. three winners. they'll split the fourth largest jackpot in the history of the united states and we now know where those winners bought their tickets. it's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. on "studio b." >> first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, right now we're waiting to hear from, we believe, one of the powerball winners. a news conference just beginning in minnesota, and they're about to speak. i think we have a winner. >> the winning ticket was purchased at the holiday station in ham lake and we were hope something holiday folks would be here but that is not the case.
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i welcome paul white and present a check for 149.4 million. [applause] >> with paul we have his significant other, kim van reese. and friends, ron and nancy bowen, and the new first brother, phil white -- >> my little brother. >> little brother. [applause] >> so they would be more than happy to answer questions from any of you, i think, wouldn't you? >> uh-huh. >> have a seat. >> have a seat, mr. white. raftlift [laughter]
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>> it's crazy. i have to tell you. i've gone through this in my head so many times in my life, that you almost feel like it's finally coming true, because i'm sure anybody who has ever bought a lottery ticket thinks about what they'll do with the money the next day, and all the people they can help, and so i feel like it's almost been coming. i really do. my siblings have given me grief for years about how i talk about i'm going to win the lottery some day, and actually we just got together not so long ago for my dad's 80th birthday, and we were playing this game, i don't remember the gist, but you have to pick who would match the description, the description was their financial plan coniosis of playing the lottery. everybody picked my name and they thought it was funny then. who is right now?
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[inaudible] >> my good friends, nancy and ron. ron started the day as my boss and will end the day as my shore fewer, -- driver. >> what will you do with the money? >> i'm lucky enough that me parents are alive. my mother is 77. still in decent health, and they don't need my money per se or any help, but i mean, imagine, what it's like to say, go pick out your own car. go pick out your own house. it's amazing. still had the opportunity. my dad has a picture of the first car he boughtin' 1961 --
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63. first carve he ever paid cash for. a '63 impala. he has a picture of it at home. i'm going to find that car. i don't know if he'll drive it or not. just stuff like that. and charity stuff. i have a sister who lives in san francisco, very charitable. i'm sure she'll have lots of plans for some of the money. the big stuff you don't think about. i feel this pressure off my shoulders that you carry every day with you. i have two kids. am i going to be able to pay for them to go to college? be able to tare of them if they have health issues. all these things, gone. you don't ever have to worry about it again. it's amazing. >> tell us the story about last night, went out at the last minute and bought your ticket? >> i had forgotten on my way home. we were getting prepared for the weekend, basically, and kim's mother is visiting and she has a -- i think it's a brand new mustang. and she has a 16-year-old son
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just like i do, and he loves every chance to drive the car. i said, i forthgot to get my tickets and he said we can use grandma's car, so about 8:30, i bought $10 worth of tickets and didn't think anything about it until this morning, and then kim called me at 8:30, and says, are you a millionaire yet? and i said i'm so busy i don't have time to look. she said i think the powerball was 32. i always pay attention to my powerball, and i had two 32s out of the five numbers, and i thought, was the next number 59? she said, i think it was. she didn't have it in front of her at this point and then she said i think 5 was in there, too, and i said, oh, my god, have 5, too but i'm really busy. we have to do this later. i have work to do. she is like, you have three numbers. so we went through them, and sure enough, they were right, and i said i'll have to call you back later and went, woo woo,
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and ran around he house. i had ten people verify the ticket before i left the office. they all got to hold it. very cool. very cool stuff. >> so what else, parties, vacations -- >> i guess there might be a party or some vacation in there. i have spent my while life figuring out what i wanted to do when i grow up, and now i have that opportunity. i'm not a going to be one of those people that says i want to keep working. because i'm not working for anybody else anymore. not going to happen. i'm divorced and they're with their mother and so they were doing that. we were getting ready for the weekend. and so i haven't talked to them much. they can't believe it, can tell you that. i think the only person who i didn't feel thought i was bsing
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them was my mother, whose name is betty white, by the way, and i could tell there was maybe a slight not convinced thing, but not everybody else is, i can't believe it. there's no way. [inaudible] >> why did you decide to come forward -- >> i have been waiting for this day my entire life. they tell me i have to wait two weeks for my money, so start the clock right now. >> look at past winners and fortune of winning the lottery and the misfortunate what happens later. >> we have discussed that all day. >> i don't know how, but i think a lot of good things are going to come out of this, not only my family and friends but for random people. there's a lot of -- i don't want
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to work for anybody else for the rest of my life. i mean for a paycheck, but i don't mind spending my money if i fine something -- you know, a charity or whatever, to keep myself busy and feel like i'm making a difference. absolutely. who don't wasn't that? everyone wants to make a difference. >> are you retired? >> i am -- well -- i have too much stuff on my desk. we're very busy at work right now. and i'm irreplaceable. we were friends before we worked together. >> what -- [inaudible] >> we are an electrical contractor out of minneapolis. we do a lot of major electrical construction. we worked on the target field. we worked on -- a few projects with the light rail going on right now. we do hotels. we just did the hyatt downtown. the stadium we worked on.
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>> the northrup auditorium right now. >> you have also wanted to? >> it sounds crazy but acura makes this car, i had an acura integra in 1988. i don't think may they make it anymore, an nsx, and does the slalom. they don't make enemy anymore but there's one on craigslist. >> he can have it now. >> it has 12,000 miles, a '91 or '92 or something lick -- like that. >> paul white, now the most popular map -- man in minnesota, don't you know. he won a third of the powerball jackpot. drop last night. been paying it every year for years and years, and he actually won it.
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$149 million. minus the pesky taxes, but he'll be able to get his car for certain, and you know that people are going to be coming out of the woodwork. they're going to be all over him. they always are. everyone is going to have a hand out, and he says not going to work for anybody for the rest of his life, and who the elk -- hell can blame him. >> there were three winners, that one in minnesota, paul white, along with his significant other and now former boss, now driver. but there are two other winners and both winners are in the great state of new jersey, and david lee miller is following that side of things. we don't know who but we know where. >> one down two to go. two winners in the state of new jersey. they have not come forward. no official word from lottery officials there. in fact, shepard, you can't help put wonder if the winners in new jersey even know they have won. that winning number, 5, 25, 30, 58, 59, this was a $448 million grand prize, going
12:12 pm
to be split three ways. paul white there got $149 million in a symbolic check. each winner actually gets $86 million if they decide to take a lump sum, which is about $58.3 million after taxes. still not too bad. so right now we're waiting for word about what happened in new jersey. two different supermarkets, one in south brunswick, new jersey, the other in little egg harbor. no one coming forward yet, and keep in mind the odds here of winning, 1 in 175 million. paul white beat the odds. >> yes, he did. and one winners is in an area that superstorm sandy struck and struck hard. of course that's a tourist destination for anymore new york city and philadelphia and everywhere else. a big summer outing. you have to hope one of those locals won it. been through so much. be a nice thing.
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>> from the greatest of news to awful stuff from the west coast. a man accused of murdering one woman, a child, and kidnapping a girl. he is on the loose. there have been sightings. the update is next. the postal service is critical to our economy. delivering mail, medicine and packages, yet they're closing thousands of offices, slashing service and want to layoff over 100,000 workers. the postal service is recording financial losses, but not for reasons you might think. the problem? a burden no other agency or company bears.
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a 2006 law that drains $5 billion a year from post office revenue while the postal service is forced to overpay billions more into federal accounts. congress created this problem, and congress can fix it.
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>> shepard: people are reporting they may have spotted the man accused of abducting a 16-year-old girl, and killing her mother, and a young boy, believed to be her brother. police initially focused on southern california and mexico and canada. but now they are looking at a possible sighting in northeastern california and oregon. investigator says over the weekend they found the remains of the mother inside james dimaggio's torched home east of san diego and inside a second body. that of a young boy. police have not yet confirmed whether that was the body of the eight-year-old son. they're waiting for autopsy results but they presume it is. now the whereabouts of that suspect, james dimaggio, and
12:17 pm
the teenager, hannah anderson, mystery. hannah's father said he had been a close friend of the guy his kids called uncle jim. >> we have done many things together over the years. he has constantly been around my family, seeing my children grow up from the day hannah -- six months before hannah was born. >> we learned from a friend of hannah's that a couple of months ago the accused kidnapper ander told the teen he had a crush on her. what doow know, will? >> employs have cast a big net and say tips are flooding in. at the same time they say when it come to the sighting they have not been able to confirm any of then were actually dimaggio. so he is still on the run. the problem is authorities tell us he got a day's head start on everybody before authorities realized he was their suspect.
12:18 pm
so am bert alerts have been issued in four states, million dollar warrant in his name and the fbi and authorities in canada and mexico are now on the hunt for dimaggio, and police believe that hannah is with him. and while you think you may not be able to do anything at home or in your office, earlier today her father had a message for everyone out the who is watching. >> viewers can just keep their thoughts positive for us, and keep an out everywhere. he could be camping. i you're camping anywhere, look around for his car. and just report anything. >> that may be what authorities believe it could take to get this guy. i want to add, you said they were close friends. the father and dimaggio. he said he doesn't think dimaggio has a passport but that doesn't mean he might not still be table get across the border. >> what more do we know about
12:19 pm
the guy? >> we're getting mixed reports here. friends say they're baffled guy, and hannah's dad said when had to move across the country, dyan joe is the guy he asked to look after his family and then there's the report of the friend saying that hannah -- there's this creepy path between dimaggio, saying he wanted to date hannah if they were the same age. police heard about the comments. that caused hem to take a lard look dimaggio as the suspect, led to the amber alert, and hannah's family is asking for him to do the right thing and turn himself in. >> shepard: joining us now, public affairs director nor san diego sheriff's department, jan caldwell. how is the progress? >> we're making good progress on this case. we have brought in fbi agents to help us with this, and they bring the expertise of going internationally as well as
12:20 pm
interstate. >> shepard: it's great your getting people paying attention and looking for these folks. do you have any way yet of knowing or a better idea of whether one of these sightings might have been real? >> well, that's what we're trying to flesh out right now. and the law enforcement, the civilians across the country, are so important to this matter. and there has been a cluster of sightings. northern california and oregon yesterday. so we're going through the process now so see if those are valid and hopefully we'll get closer. >> shepard: you can track cell phones and all the rest, and i wonder if you have had anything from that side of things to maybe give you an addition where he might be? >> i can't get that down in the weeds with that investigation right now. we're covering a lot of leads. we have every piece of expertise we can cover on this. >> aside from this word from a friend that he had told the victim here he had a crush on her, have there been any other signs, have people said anything
12:21 pm
else, any confrontations, anything you know about? >> we have had a lot of interviews. anyone that has come into contact with dimaggio, almost anytime in his life, we're fanning out to talk to this people. there's a lot of information coming in that i'm not really at liberty to discuss at this point. but we are following on every single lead that comes in. >> shepard: getting closer? >> we hope we are. we're also now going to ask, as brett anderson said this morning, we're going to ask people to look outside also in the rural part of the western u.s., or anywhere for that matter. he does enjoy camping. he does enjoy the outdoor sports. there's a strong possibility the has has hunkered down somewhere and we're asking people, look for the car, look for the faces. >> shepard: appreciate you being here. >> thank you. >> shepard: well, some serious drama in the courtroom at the
12:22 pm
military trial of the accused fort hood shooter, nidal hassan. the major asked to represent himself and now his attorney saying they want off the case. the judge just responded. hang on.
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the military trial of the accused gunman in the fort hood massacre resumed after a dramatic request from lawyers on standby to help for the defense. these lawyers asked the court to take them off the case. they say this guy, major hasan, appears to be trying to get the death penalty. the judge said no. the judge ereduce to allow them to take control of his defense. the army major is accused of murdering 13 soldiers and wounding more than 30 in 2009. he is acting as his own lawyer but the court appointed the defense attorneys to be ready if
12:26 pm
he needs them. however, those lawyers say the judge is forcing them to violate their responsibilities. casey stiegel is at fort hood. there was a heated exchange, it's my understanding, huh? >> it was interesting and all over the judge forcing this standby counsel to remain working on this case, sort of serving is consultants to major hasan, walking him through procedural matters. but they say their staying on the case violates their professional code of conduct as defense lawyers but the judge argues it does not, and she wants written program from their state bar association that backs that up. then the primary defense lawyer stood up and in a firm voice saying it is, quote, morally repugnant to help hasan achieve a death sentence. >> the goal here is to protect
12:27 pm
the record for appeal. to make sure that this case is not overturned, he gets a fair trial, that he gets every benefit of the doubt. >> in the end the judge denied all of those motions and said this court-martial will move forward, and it has. >> shepard: as it did, it's my understanding -- we heard some graphic details about the attack. >> horror stories. the fir time we heard a lot of gory details about what went down inside the medical processing facility here on post. not far from where i'm standing right now, by the way, i might ad, by the courtroom. people who saw their friends and comrades shot dead. a staff sergeant named michael davis, who was shot one time, when he took the stand today he told the court, when the bullets started flying, he thought it was a practice drill. then he described chaos and, quote, a lot of bodies on the ground, chairs your turned. smelled like blood. he then testified hearing a woman crying, my baby, my baby. we know now that soldier,
12:28 pm
francesca valez was pregnant and died there. so did the baby. hasan hays not questioned any of this witnesses on the stand today. >> shepard: heather hansen is with us now to give us a little context. this is tough stuff to hear about. >> it's a terrible trial and it's going to go fast if he doesn't question anybody. seems to be his plan to act as martyr, get the death penalty, not put on a defense at all. >> shepard: sounds as if -- i don't know if he is going to cross-examine him but my understanding if he decides to testify in his own, quote, defense, unquote, it could very well be him interviewing himself. >> that's absolutely right. then he has he opportunity to go on a diatribe. he wanted to initially put on the defense it was the defense of others, defending muslims
12:29 pm
from people who were going to fight the war in afghanistan. the judge said he could not do that. he had been able to do that he could really go on a diatribe. now he has been curtailed, and the other thing is back then the lawyers again tried to step in and help him, and then the trade to get taken off the case and the judge wouldn't allow it. i. >> shepard: for this lawyers, can you put yourself in their position and tell me what it's like? >> it's got to be horrible. you remember not only are they deffing -- defending him but you're also defend criminal justice system and the military tribunal system, and to have your haps tied, has to be frustratings. but the way the rules work there's only specific reasons you shall be removed. physical incapability, mental incapability. the rest of the reasons you have to request and the judge said no way. >> shepard: what's your thinking how long this will go. >> originally they said a month, but enough that he is not
12:30 pm
questioning anybody, it's going to be a couple weeks. >> shepard: the side home in all of this is that he is getting paid. he is still major nidal hasan. we still tall him with that title because that's what you do. he is in the military and major in the united states military, and he is getting paid as such unless and until he is found guilty. >> that's absolutely right. being paid as his role as a psychiatrist. he still has the roles of a major, and i think he is going to be found guilty pretty quickly. the other interesting thing, he is up nearing penalty and wants to be a martyr but they have not put anything to death in military try tribunals for 50 years. so it's not look likely. >> we won't be able to good on a rampage again. whether they'll kill him is another matter. >> that's right. >> shepard: a new report suggests the feds are tracking even more of or e-mails and text messages, as president obama gives new details on his chat with jay leno.
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>> shepard: here's the new default position which everyone should assume. if you send it in an e-mail or say it over the phone, the feds have it. and they can do with it whatever they want. may not be that strange but starting to look like it. seems the feds are tracking even more of our i'ms and text messages than first authority.
12:35 pm
a senior analystization says the spying goes beyond americans directly contacting potential terrorist overseas. way beyond. the national security agency tracks people who cite information linked. in other words, send a message, for instance, saying a suspect's e-mail address and the official says the government could keep an eye on you type out, awlaki, and they'll send someone in to brush your teeth with you. and no warrant is required. nsa official says: nsa signals intelligence activities? are designed to acquire, produce, and disseminate foreign intelligence information net capables and intentions or activities of foreign powers and their agents, foreign organizations, foreign persons, blah blah blah. and any immix indication that nsa's collection is arbitrary and unconstrained is dead wrong.
12:36 pm
>> how chose to white house justify this. >> the president's spy agencies are not just interested in communication to and from a terror target. they're interested in information about the target. so when that comes up in an e-mail send from an american to someone overseas it's fair game to symptom but it has to cross the border. it can't be an e-mail to someone else inside the country. "the new york times" says that nsa computers search nearly all cross-border text data for dewords and save e-mail or instant mess imagines so analysts can examine them. jay carny says anything not related to an investigation is deleted. >> the purpose of the program is to investigate and potentially prevent terrorist threats emanating from foreign sources, and the protections in place
12:37 pm
regarding the inadvertent collection of information of u.s. citizens ensures they're there's a process of minimization that protects the privacy of american it? s. >> the minimization process is used to fine-tune the selectors. that reduces the volume of the e-mail analyzed. >> shepard: the president seemed to suggest that the government is doing less. at least when he was talking with jay leno. >> he certainly suggested the u.s. was more precise about who to track. here's what he told jay leno. >> what we do have are the mechanisms where we can track a phone number or an e-mail address, that we know is connected to some sort of terrorist threat, and that information is useful. but what i've said before, i want to make sure i repeat, and that is, we should be skeptical about the potential encroachment
12:38 pm
on privacy. >> it would appear the government can track far more e-mail traffic than it knows is connected to a terror threat and it's the minimization process that gets rid of extraneous information. >> shepard: wendell, is no to see you. encouraging news on the job market. a new report shows the number of people applying for unemployment benefits hit its lowest level in nearly six years. initial jobless claims picked up by 5,000 last week, but the average over the past four week is down more than 6,000. and back to where it was in november of '07, which is before the recession began. some economists say the four-week average is more reliable than the week numbers. others argue the numbers still don't tell the whole story. numbers rarely do. doug mcel way has it all. what do say say is missing here? >> well, nothing is hissing, shep, if you're an optimist. those numbers are something an indication of an improving
12:39 pm
economy, along with the july unemployment numbers showing the unemployment rate dropped 7.4%. month after month the administration touted those improvements with cautious enthusiasm. >> i think the general pattern is that the economy is continuing to heal. we have a lot of distance to go, to go back to full health. >> another unemployment number offers an entirely different picture for pessimists and may explain why businesses remain hesitant to expand. it's the u-6 rate which includes underemployment, parttime employment, and marginally attached workers. it stood at 14.3% for the month of july. worse, the unemployment rate for the millenia generation remains at 16.1%. >> if you look deeper into that number, it's not just 16.1%. only 43.6% of young americans
12:40 pm
have fulltime work right now. so if you're in my generation, you're not finding economic opportunity. >> the implications are really troubling, given the demographic shifts occurring in the workers needed to pay the bill not entitlement costs of the millions and millions of retiring baby-boomers. >> thank you, doug. two college friends of the surviving boston bombing suspect are now facing obstruction of justice charges after prosecutors say they helped hide evidence related to the terror attack. we have pictures of the students. prosecutors say they removed the backpack containing fireworks from tsarnaev's dorm room. he is accused of working with his brother to build the bombs and set them off at the boston marathon. three people died. >> other violent bus crash threw
12:41 pm
passengers around like rag dolls and wild video inside while it happen. >> wait until you see what happened to the driver, next.
12:42 pm
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all ju $14.99. me into red lobster, and sea od differently. right now, go to for $10 off 2 select entrees. good monday through thsday. >> shepard: the surveillance video shows the bus driver and passengers flying around during a dead lay crash. look at this. >> shepard: something else, right? appears nobody saw anything coming. chinese state media reports the driver was backing up -- look at this dnr when a struck landed into the bus, rolled it upside-down before it landed on the side. the crash tossed the passengers every which way and the angle shows the bus driver flight right out the window. look at that. happened last week in a soutrn chinese province. according to the state media the truck driver guide and all the peaks survived. 23 hurt. no word on the -- well, school
12:45 pm
officials expelled three teenager fridays from school and face aggravated battery charges. the cop say they beat a fellow student on the bus. this happened 25 miles southwest of tampa. you seek the boys punching and kicking and stomping the kid over and over again. the police report shows that the victim suffered a broken arm and black eye and several welts. the driver stopped the bus and called the dispatcher. he eventually yelled at the teens to stop but never physically stepped in and did much of anything. listen. [bleep] >> leave him alone. leave him alone! leave him alone! [bleep] >> got somebody here quick, quick, quick. about to beat a boy to death. please get somebody here quick. >> shepard: authorities initially south to charge the
12:46 pm
drive with child neglect but eventually decided not to charge him at all. phil is in the south florida newsroom. this apparently started how? >> a $10 bag of pot, which the sixth grade victim tells police the suspects try to sell him in the school bathroom earlier in the school day. now, that victim told two teachers about this and those teachers then confronted two of these three 15-year-olds, all of whom they do believe actually participated in the beating of this kid. initiated by 50 punches, kicks, and stomps, and that is what they say the kids did to the victim for snitching on them. >> the race difference between the victim and the defendants is purely coincidental. there's absolutely no indication that race was motivator in the attack. the motive was retaliation. >> in their police interview all three of the suspects claim it
12:47 pm
was actually the kid two years younger than them that approached them asking for pot and of course police do not buy that story at all. >> snitching and got beaten up. that makes sense. why no charges against the driver? >> well, the school district policy is not crystal clear on what a school bus driver ought to do if he or she is driving down the road with a bunch of school kids in the back and they start fighting. the drivers are told to if there is a physical altercation, the bust driver is to immediately call the dispatch office. they're also to stop the bus and drivers may take all reasonable measures necessary to separate students involved and preserve student safety. but there's another section that reads: assist comes first -- safety comes first. do not take changes. it's noted not one of the ekids on the bus intervened and in their interviews claimed they
12:48 pm
didn't see anything that happened on the bus, even though the beginning of the videotape shows them all moving forward with cell phones to record the video of the very vicious beating. >> shepard: thank you. investigators say they're working to determine if the gunman in a deadly shooting spree outside dallas, texas, used a grenade or other type of explosive device. the cops arrested the man after he shot and killed four people and wounded others at two different homes, 15 minutes and ten miles apart. and also say the attack appears to have been over a domestic dispute. police say two people who died were a mother and her 17-year-old daughter and two boys, age 11 and 13, were among the survivors the suck is a former acknowledgey sergeant who worked as a teacher and a hip-hop dancer for the dallas mavericks basketball team. >> long flights can sometimes seem to drag on forever. you can watch movies on some planes. now one airline is bringing in live entertainment.
12:49 pm
comedians and singers on the plane. we'll tell you which airlines on which you do not want to travel. that's next.
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>> shepard: listen to this. you can enjoy delicious airline food while listening to someone joking about delicious airline foods. virgin airlines is offering live music and live standup comedy on the plane. only for a limited time. august and september. on virgin atlantic's little red flights across the united kingdom. bran so many says: we're doing something different and providing our passengers with a lineup of gigs to ensure we
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offer an unforgettable flying experience. speaking about unforgettable experiences, virgin galactic plans to blast into space by the end of the year. angelina jolie and brad pitt about tickets for the voyage on christmas day. with us the author of the new book "the practice of public relations." on a related note to the live concerts and store-telling on the play, bose noise canceling head phones work perfectly. >> richard bran son is a br genius but this is the word idea since kanye west's venetian blinds glasses. snakes on a plane is bad. come immediateons on a plane is worse. i go on a plane to escape humanity, not to be in prison.
12:54 pm
this is a fiercely bad public relations used. >> shepard: i put the noise canceling head phones on, so that whoever it is to my right or left does not get the mistaken idea i want to have a conversation, because i do not. ever. i don't want to hear about anything about anything. no matter who they are. >> i'm with you. if you don't have the noise canceling headsets and you don't like the act you can't turn them off and you can't jump. that's the problem. >> shepard: you cannot. we have this problem here in new york city. sometimes there are great performance in the subway stations, and the good news about that is, if you can't take it, you can walk right up to the street level and raise your hand and get a yellow car. you can't do than on board sir inuse, you have to pray for turbulence. the other thing is, these are little puddle jumpers from aberdeen to manchester
12:55 pm
andeddenburg, and they can make news and the comedian has to be very loud. someone like gilbert godfrey, or lewis black. my choice would be bill maher because you want be able to hear him. shepship i actual -- >> shepard: i actually like that show. this is a primetime program over there and i wonder how many people would take these flights. there are a lot of options there for puddle jumpers. >> you have to admire sir richard for his guts. this is an idea that is awful. he shouldn't do it. the britts, who have senses of hum york it's a good thing he is not in germany. they have no sense of humor. this would not fly. the rich will try it once and then i think it will pass. >> shepard: angela would ground
12:56 pm
him. were it in russia, putin might shoot him. thank you. >> cops raided a couple's home after somebody said the spotted a gun. there was no gun. just a television remote control. wait until you see the lawsuit.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
>> shepard: then there's this. police in england arrested a couple after a paramedic claims the husband was waving a gun. the paramedic had reportedly been in the home to treat the wife's panic attacks and then pointed -- spotted the gun and called for backup. so here's the husband and the wife in the room, the wife has panic attacks, they see the gun, and call for backup. ten armed officers show up. raided the house. yanked the couple out of bed. stuffed them in a police van, brought them down to the station. unfortunately, the cops couldn't find a gun. the husband says there's a good reason for that. he was not holding a gun but a television remote control. in fact he claims he has never
1:00 pm
even seen a gun in real life. now he is suing the police. that's it for the b. the dow is up, breaking a losing streak. we're up 27-1/2 or so. "your world" is up next. >> as a number of people on the government dole keeps growing, americans now saying enough. >> welcome everyone, i'm in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." with the growing entitlement rams, government spending up 126%. medicare, excluding premiums, up 262%, and food stamps, up 225%. americans are clearly worrying because 49% of american households are said to have at least one person receiving some sort of government assistance and if this brand new poll is any indication, they have had absolutely enough. 74%